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Helpful Tips To Help Control Hemorrhoids

PILEX hemorrhoid treatment offers helpful tips to control hemorrhoids

Having trouble with constant hemorrhoids? Check out our helpful hemorrhoid treatment tips

Whilst we know PILEX hemorrhoid treatment is highly effective we know there are certain lifestyles and situations that can contribute to making your condition worse.

Although we have tried some of the tips below ourselves, we can’t validate the effectiveness of all of the tips to help control hemorrhoids below.



  • Reduce your alcohol intake. Too much alcohol is considered a factor in aggravating your hemorrhoids.
  • Increase your water intake. Drink lots of water to help keep stools soft.

In the bathroom

  • Don’t delay your bowel movements.
  • Don’t strain when you go to the toilet.
  • Don’t sit on the toilet for any longer than is necessary. (Don’t read on the toilet!)
  • Stand and clean up. This can help avoid the soft rectum muscles and blood vessels from protruding. (It also helps to avoid over cleaning sensitive tissues already aggravated by hemorrhoids).
  • Use a non-alcohol moist baby wipe. This can greatly speed up painful cleaning.


  • We all know regular exercise is good for our health and it also helps to keep our bowel movements regular.
  • However those of us that lift heavy weights during exercise, such as wrestlers are common sufferers of hemorrhoids.

Age & Pregnancy

  • Unfortunately as we get older we are more prone to suffering from hemorrhoids as the muscles and blood vessels around our rectum weaken.
  • During pregnancy women are also more prone to piles with the added weight and pressure of the baby.

Keep PILEX hemorrhoid treatment at hand. Even with lifestyle changes, alcohol, spicy food, heavy lifting etc. can aggravate hemorrhoid conditions. You may be going on holiday or about to enjoy/participate in something you know has aggravated your condition before, therefore having PILEX natural hemorrhoid treatment at hand will help ensure you avoid or shorten any unnecessary pain and discomfort that may occur.

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